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Tejano Roots
 A Family Legend

Author, Dan Arellano

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This is the dilapidated monument that has been dedicated to the memory of fallen Tejano heroes that died for the same reasons as the heroes of the Alamo. 180 valiant warriors sacrificed their lives for liberty and freedom at the Alamo, yet, as tragic as it was, sends the wrong message to the Hispanic community, when over 1000 of their ancestors were killed fighting for the same reasons, at the Battle of Medina. Few people know that this monument exists, or its location yet it's only 10 miles from the Alamo and it's what the State of Texas says they are entitled to. The State has no markers directing you to its site, as in other historical places. Not only is it a disgrace to the memory of these fallen heroes but it is an insult to the majority Hispanic community.

These excerpts describe the Battle at the Medina River, the bloodiest battle that has ever occurred on Texas soil. More people were killed in this battle and its aftermath than in any of the other conflicts of the Texas Revolution, on both sides combined. 

 "Many Mexican-Americans have given their lives, defending freedom and democracy. A thousand Tejanos were killed in one battle alone, in defense of these causes. But this conflict wasn't on foreign soil. Not on the beaches of Normandy, not in Korea, Viet Nam or Desert Storm, although Tejanos were there, but much closer to home, in South Texas, less than twenty miles outside of San Antonio. The Battle of MedinaÂ…the forgotten history of the Tejanos, these first sons and daughters of the State of Texas, unknown and unrecognized, for their ultimate sacrifice."

Excerpts from chapter titled "Battle of Medina":

"Colonel Menchaca has been repulsed time and time again, suffering heavy casualties amongst the Tejano cavalry, yet they continue the attack. Reporting to Toledo at the rear of the line it is reported that Toledo had instructed him to withdraw his men. Whereas Menchaca responds that, "Tejanos do not withdraw," and plunged back into the foray.

 "The battle raged for four hours going one way then the other. Through the smoke and the roar of the cannon, men could be heard crying in anguish. Some men lost limbs, others had their heads blown off. There were body parts scattered all over the battlefield. The more fortunate ones died instantly, others suffered a slow and agonizing death."

...Read more about it in "Tejano Roots" A Family Legend

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